GIGS // Disclosure // Festival Hall


Before the show, my friend asked what I think they would open with. It goes to show the breadth of choice Disclosure has in their catalogue – it could be any one of their instant classics.

It ended up being “You + Me” but the audience was responsive to every single track they played throughout their set, even with the sauna-like conditions of Festival Hall (there was a point when I thought the smoke machine was literal steam from the crowd’s body heat). Despite their own silly decisions to buy seated tickets to a Disclosure show, I also felt for the attendees sitting literally at 90 degree angles to the stage. Add in the very un-central location and considering the array of venue options in Melbourne, can we collectively agree to never host another show at Festival Hall again? Cheers.


After “You + Me”, they swung into “F For You” – the first track that Howard sung on and still one of their best. They’ve smartly realised his voice works with their sound and he thus appears a lot more in Caracal, like on “Jaded” and “Echoes”.


On top of all the usual suspects, “Bang That” and “Nocturnal” were my highlights. They incorporated a fantastic breakdown into the nearly 7-minute beast “Nocturnal” and a starlight inspired lightshow. The bass guitar was strong with this one. Speaking of which, “When A Fire Starts To Burn” still has the most excellent, juicy bassline. Goosebumps.


If I had to sum up the atmosphere in a sentence? It went from smelling and feeling like an under-age disco to smelling and feeling like a very used gym. It was not particularly the nicest crowd to be in. You wouldn’t normally associate groups of pinging girls as desirable dancefloor companions. However, seeing this specific group of girls in front of me having a ripper time and constantly checking on each other throughout the show warmed my heart (something that is not happening enough, see: Listen Out, look after your mates people).


It was a good show, but not really due to Disclosure themselves, more simply because I love their music and it’s fun to dance to. A lot of the show felt contrived. They played out the same trick as their show in 2014 and Groovin The Moo 2014 (and I’m assuming with pretty much every one of their shows) of teasing the distinctive “Latch” sample and waiting for the *cue audience losing their shit*. Their two guest vocalists Lion Babe and Brendan Reilly had definite showmanship but were too cheesy and over-the-top for Disclosure. And the way they kept saying that they were playing “THE BIGGEST SHOW EVER…(in this city)!” was much too grasping-at-straws.


Hometown: Surrey, England.
Latest album: Caracal, out September 2015.
Sounds like: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Duke Dumont
Say what? In an interview with The Guardian, Howard dropped this extraordinary piece of wisdom, “I think girls are pleased that there’s some joy back in club music,” opines Howard. “And boys are pleased that there are girls back in the club.”

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