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Brooklyn-based band Yeasayer have announced their return after three years of radio silence, choosing to go back to their psychadelic, experimental roots. Having first announced the writing of their upcoming album in 2013, ‘I Am Chemistry’ will be the first single to accompany Amen & Goodbye’s release this year. After edging towards an pop aesthetic beginning with ‘Odd Blood’, albeit with an off-kilter angle. But it seems with this latest release, they’re back to embracing the trippy, with an appropriately baffling claymotion video to underscore said trippiness.

Through five minutes of sheer unmitigated weirdness, with a sound that could be vaguely construed as rock, Yeasayer forgo the traditional pop structures and clear punchy melodies of tracks like ‘Ambling Alp’ and ‘Madder Red’ for meandering instrumental sections filled with heavily effected guitar solos and bubbling synth effects. It somehow gets better after being topped off by a choral and melodic folk-inspired breakdown. It’s daring psychadelic pop, and there’s probably not a whole lot out there that sounds anything like this.

As for the video? One can only surmise that copious drugs were involved.  Just don’t bother making sense of it when you’re sober.


Hometown: Brooklyn, US
Sounds like: MGMT, Muse
Say what? To tease the release of Amen & Goodbye, the band released a series of fittingly unsettling short clips on their Facebook. View the first one here.

Over and out, Darren.

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