REVIEW // Elizabeth Rose // Playing With Fire ft. Remi

Elizabeth Rose
Is that Beyoncé and Jay-Z…or Kelly Rowland and Nelly? Maybe Ciara and Ludacris? Hold your horses, it’s Elizabeth Rose and Remi? God they are pulling this off.

“You play me like you would your Gameboy”, can’t you just imagine that line lifted straight out of a sassy 90s R&B track, helped no doubt by that minor key violin riff. It’s ear-catching pop music that is unlike the current landscape composed mainly of straight-up electronic, indie rock and hip hop music. This is a girl with something of value to add and a great voice with which to do it.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate the way Remi introduces his rap – “I feel you Miss Rose / I have the same thing with this chick / I had to tell her like this.” Love it.

She’s touring nationally off the back of her upcoming album, which will also features collabs with Chrome Sparks, M-Phazes, and George Nicholas from Seekae.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Upcoming album: Intra, out 4 March 2016. 
Sounds like: 
Bear with me here. Take this chance to go back and listen to Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumours” – more specifically, the first 5 seconds of it. I spent about half an hour agonising over what “Playing With Fire” reminded me of and the realisation of it being “Rumours” was immensely satisfying to say the least.
Say what?
Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 3.00.34 pm




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