REVIEW // Safe Sex – Come Out

safe sex

Hailing from Perth, Safe Sex is an electronic duo consisting of Molly Biddle (vocals) and Andrew Wright.

Both their Facebook and triple j Unearthed profiles give this message:

Safe Sex advocates liberal and safe sexual expression, free of coercion, discrimination and violence, through music, media and art practices.

As important as that is, there’s another important message I want to share with you: Safe Sex make some pretty darn good music!

Their newest release, “Come Out”, (which you can totally download, for free, right here) really shows what I’m loving about these guys. Thirty seconds of a simple but engrossing intro lead into Molly’s almost childlike vocals, reminiscent of Alpine’s Phoebe Baker and Gossling. This song has a little bit of everything, with modest verses and a catchy chorus that’ll have you singing along, “Come out, come out”, before you’ve even finished your first listen. Keep your eyes and ears open for whatever’s next from this exciting new duo.



Hometown: Perth, Western Australia.
Latest Release: “Come Out”, released 24 February 2016.
Sounds like: Alpine, Gossling.
Say what? A corrupted file with some weirdly sexual grunts towards the end was found in the Safe Sex studio… have a listen (probably NSFW).

Huggett out.

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