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I didn’t previously know Donnie Sloan by name but I guarantee you would know him by his work. Empire of the Sun collaborator and Sneaky Sound System bassist, he penned tracks like “Walking on a Dream” and “We Are The People”. Massive local hits that blew up internationally.

In fact, it wasn’t as straight forward as this. According to Sloan, “I created these tracks, on my own in 2005, long before Empire of the Sun existed.” He claims that he gave Nick Littlemore (Pnau) the tracks, who then formed Empire of the Sun two years later with Luke Steele…and Sloan’s music.

But enough historic gossip. Meeting back in 2012, Sloan formed Midnight To Monaco with Canadian vocalist Ricky Ducati, whose voice takes “50’s doo wop harmony into the future”. “One In A Million” is the title track to Future Classic’s latest compilation album, which will likely be filled with more gold like this. His vocals are certainly fitting for this style of music. Similar to how Boy Matthews on Duke Dumont‘s “Ocean Drive” just works in that 80s way. If we’re comparing, it works infinitely better than Empire of the Sun. They may be huge, but damn does Steele’s voice annoy me.

“One In A Million” isn’t groundbreaking or unique, but it’s just 80s synth done really, really well. With Sloan’s impressive back catalogue, it’s not surprising.



Hometown: Los Angeles, US.
Upcoming album: One In A Million: A Future Classic Compilation, out 25 March 2016.
Sounds like: Midnight Juggernauts, Metronomy, Cut Copy.
Say what? This is Donnie Sloan’s profile photo on Myspace. It may not be used anymore, but remember kids, the internet forgets nothing.










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