REVIEW // Remi – For Good (ft. Sampa the Great)

a0423661441_10Artwork by Violet Arthi

Remi is giving us a taste of his upcoming album, Divas and Demons, with ‘For Good’ featuring Sampa the Great. It’s the first song off his sophomore album and it is smooth. Like, Nutella smooth.

‘For Good’ brings together two of the best hip-hop artists to come out of Australia right now. It’s a groovy marriage between Sampa’s honeyed vocals and Remi’s provocative raps. Sensible J seals the deal with another seamless production inspired by J Dilla, and Simon Mavin from Hiatus Kaiyote joins the party on keys.

In an interview with Linda Marigliano on Good Nights, Remi makes it pretty clear that Sampa is going places.

“She’s my favourite rapper in the southern hemisphere. My favourite rapper period because she’s doing stuff that no-one else is doing.”

The release comes with the news that Remi is cruising Australia for his For Good tour in May, with fresh-to-death special guest, Man Made Mountain, a signee from Remi’s own label, House of Beige. If you’ve snagged a ticket to Groovin The Moo, you might be able to catch Remi performing this baby even earlier.

Remi is pumping out some killer collabs lately, including Elizabeth Rose’s “Playing With Fire”, L-FRESH The LION’s “Hold Up” and KLP’s “Recover”. Don’t slow down pls.

And the new album? Remi describes it as “Raw x Infinity 2.0“. It’s a bit more introspective this time and deals with some “relationship stuff.”

“I was going through a break-up and thought it was important to get this stuff out on music, especially as a vocalist. It’s very much a diary – a timeline in your life and you’ve gotta get this shit out,” Remi says.

In fact, ‘For Good’ is about cheating in a relationship. Remi wanted Sampa to portray a female’s perspective… and she pretty much nailed it, recording her verse, hook and back-ups in under half an hour. NOICE.

There’s no official release date for the album yet so for now we’re just sitting back and relaxing to the warm, breezy and twinkling sounds of ‘For Good’. With a jar of Nutella. And a tablespoon.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia (technically he was born in Canberra but moved to Melbourne a year later).
Upcoming album:
Divas and Demons, to be released sometime in 2016.
Sounds like:
J Dilla, The Roots, honey, and did we say Nutella?
Say what?
We interviewed Remi a couple years back and he revealed a few gems—that the highest he’s even been was with Danny Brown at Prince Bandroom, that he used to emcee for breakdancing comps and attended hip-hop and tap-dancing classes when he was a kid, and that he studied nursing for half a semester before pursuing his music career.

Ciao ciao, Arianna


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