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Tiny Little Houses is owning the nostalgic and profound music market right now. And it helps that singer Caleb Karvountzis has one of those beautifully unique voices that completely captivate your mind. Think, the special uniqueness of Ben Woolner from Safia.

You’ll know their breakthrough singles ‘Easy’ and ‘Soon We Won’t Exist’. Their music strikes a chord. “Don’t you miss the summer / We were happy then.” It’s all very Josh Pyke meets teenage angst. Guest singer Rosebud Leach back up vocals also adds a wonderful extra dimension to the general romantic exploration of that coming-of-age period. While it’s a bit cheesey, it’s in a forgivable way – captured in the simple but emotionally-loaded title ‘Milo Tin’, that every Australian kid has a wistful memory of. According to them, “Milo tin is a tongue in cheek take on Australiana, the classic gap year and the effect it has on a young relationship.” I can’t claim the accuracy of this information, but Karvountzis supposedly wrote the song after being crushed by a vending machine for six hours straight.

I have to share this wonderful piece of wisdom I received from the boys, “Much as my face reflected off of the Perspex barrier that rested between myself and the great chocolatey taste of Nestle Milo, my mind also reflected upon itself. The incident forced me to think about my life and actions leading up to that point. Lying there flat on my back with nothing but the distant buzz of a fluorescent light and the crushing weight of a vending machine to distract me I realised that my existence is meaningless, nothing I do could ever possibly change the world around me.” Sources of creative inspiration never fail to surprise apparently.

If they’re as entertaining live as they are over Facebook, they will be a must-see live act this year, and they’re conveniently touring – including spots at The Hills Are Alive and Groovin’ The Moo.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest EP: You Tore Out My Heart, out October 2015.
Sounds like: Josh Pyke, Verge Collection, My Own Pet Radio.
Say what? While Milo is, on face value, a very innocent and homely brand, Tiny Little Houses are also rightly passionate about parent company Nestle’s dark history it seems, “Nestle has made mistakes too, sure they aggressively marketed baby formula in undeveloped countries leading to a plethora of diseases and infant death in the 70’s. But they moved past that, choosing instead to source coffee beans from plantations which employ slave labour. However, despite this they still endure. Anyway, Bush did 9/11, peace.”

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