REVIEW // Thomston x Wafia – Window Seat

Thomston x Wafia

It’s always impressive to me when two strangers get together and write music when they barely know each other.

The intimate touch that arises from ‘Window Seat’, in particular, feels like something created by lovers or best friends, “It’s about a relationship where one is bottling their thoughts and feelings, and is now trying to run away from a relationship that doesn’t serve or truly know her. The other side is a guy who has no idea what is happening but has made of habit of speaking on her behalf.”

In actuality, Thomas Stoneman and Wafia Al-Rikabi wrote this on the first day they met. Stoneman reveals, “I produced it on my crumbling laptop, using some grainy samples from Wafia’s voice memos and when we played it all back it made me feel 100-feet tall.” In extremely relatable news as an Asian kid growing up in Australia, Thomston was made to learn classical piano by his parents, and the subtle keyboard touches crossed with the sparse drum beats make for a very moody piece.  

Wafia’s voice also has the ability to convey so much emotion; it melds effortlessly with the quavering music and Thomston’s own vocals. Their harmonies really do complement each other and elevates the song to another level. Girl/boy duets can never be overdone in my mind.


Hometown: Wafia – Brisbane, Australia; Thomston – Auckland, New Zealand.
Sounds like: Mansionair, Elk Road, Anna of the North.
Say what? Thomston cried at his first headline show, which was in Paris. Imagine the feeling, “This room, on the other side of the world, in a city I had wanted to visit since I was a kid, full of people who’s first language wasn’t even english, and they were all singing my song back to me.”

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