REVIEW // A.B Original – 2 Black 2 Strong

A.B. Original

A.B. Original is Australia’s equivalent of the Straight Outta Compton era. And it’s about time.

Wouldn’t have picked Scott Disick or Rob Kardashian to be name dropped in a song like ‘2 Black 2 Strong’ , but this is hard hitting modern gangsta rap – with local context, pop culture references galore, and an Australian twang.

A.B. Original is a collaboration between two hip hop stars in their own right: Briggs (Yorta Yorta tribe) and Trials (Ngarrindjeri tribe). Can I just say how much I love the name A.B. Original for the sheer amount of levels it works on? The two are known for bringing attention to indigenous issues, and doing it in a talented and unapologetic way. With them combined, ‘2 Black 2 Strong’ has double the power.

“Said authority keep stopping me / then asking me to move on”, the comparison with N.W.A and other gangsta rap groups is strong – the sole reliance on the content of their lyrics supplemented by straightforward rap beats on repeat. Except, while still being social commentary, it’s with much less controversial lyrics, and much less infamous drama.



Hometown: Briggs – Shepparton, Australia; Trials – Adelaide, Australia.
Upcoming album: To be released later in the year on Golden Era Records and Bad Apples Music.
Sounds like: (Briggs and Trials)2
Say what? Beefs in Australian hip hop may not be as far developed as American ones, but A.B. Original definitely took a stab at Bliss N Eso rapper Max MacKinnon in this track for that very contentious photo he took with Rihanna’s wax figure: “Fuck it up worse than Eso in a wax museum”.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  


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