After returning from the other side of the world and settling back into Melbourne, I finally hit my first gig for the year… and what a gig it was! Before Tigertown lit up the stage, we were blessed with two stellar supports.

First up was James Crooks, a talented electronic producer and performer from Sydney, and an unexpectedly impressive percussionist. His tunes were catchy but it was his performance, bringing energy and doing his best to captivate the crowd as they slowly filed in, that put him on my radar. From unreleased singles to the already popular “Naturally”, he showed a deep repertoire that will keep me listening.

Phebe Starr was equally impressive, providing entertainment in the form of Tim the drummer’s dancing and quirky crowd-talk about sparkly socks. Her own dancing was equally enjoyable, working her way around the stage and into the crowd, getting them involved and moving. She finished her set strongly with Montaigne-esque vocals in one song and some Florence influences in another, adding yet another artist to the fast-growing list of Aussie up-and-comers.

By the time Tigertown hit the stage, the punters had already got their money’s worth, but that didn’t stop them hitting the ground running. Movement, lights, and energy highlighted “Make It Real” and “Bullet From The Gun”; lead singer Charlie having fun switching between light-hearted bouncing and almost grungy vocals. The highlight of the set came early as Chris announced a new album in the works and the band followed with a new song, which I will hazard a guess could be called “I Remember”. The tune to listen out for had Charlie owning the whole stage with her dancing, the crowd getting involved, and even a captivating guitar solo.

Every song, old or new, brought something unique but each was filled with passion and enthusiasm. None, though, got a better reception than the title track of their newest EP, “Lonely Cities”, with a performance as much about the crowd as the band. First the murmurs and excitement as we realised what was coming, then sing alongs, clapping, and finally wildly energetic dancing. What a performance! What an atmosphere!

There was hardly a moment for the buzz to die down before they returned on stage and the encore started with a surprise cover of John Farnham’s “Pressure Down”. With so many of Tigertown’s songs having a nostalgic familiarity to them, it took a while for it to click but it certainly earned a response. To finish an outstanding set, they played their 2013 hit “What You Came Here For”, eliciting one last sing along and plenty of movement. The show was one of the best I’ve seen, with lengthy instrumentals, extended outros (including a really cool one from the energetic “These Hands” straight into the intro for “Always”), extra choruses, and really just playing to the crowd.


Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Latest EP: Lonely Cities, released 5 February 2016
Sounds like: Grouplove, Passion Pit
Say what? Not weird but awesome, a percentage of t-shirt sales at their gigs go to Make-A-Wish, the charity chosen by the artist that designed the tee. Great work, guys!

Huggett out.

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