REVIEW // Ribongia – Downstream


Ribongia successfully crosses tribal beats with dreamy tropical notes and trap sensibilities.

His music is like Glass Animals amplified but without vocals. Ribongia, or his gloriously Italiano name – Antonio Rosselli Del Turco, specialises in African themed music. Heard of azonoto, shangaan electro or gqom? Get knowledged up. Gqom originates from Durban in South Africa, and has a dark and harsh edge comparable to grime. Shangaan electro, also hailing from South Africa, is intriguingly similar to 8-bit (or chiptune) music with a tribal beat. These emerging genres are bound to start creeping increasingly into music in the Western world. Let’s hope the crazy dances come with them.

Of all his music, “Downstream” is one that is much earthier and directly African tribal beat influenced. It’s utterly textural – just try and pick out all the elements jammed into this short track. 2.36 minutes of this is not enough. Listen carefully, and you’ll hear a running water stream just under tribal beats in the breakdown, adding a smooth velvety undertone. Then hear the jangly xylophone, the chirpy keyboard notes, and the wind chimes. It’s dreamy, unabashedly cheerful and deliberately compiled to feel like you’re outside in an African savanna.

“Music offers me an escape and with ESCAPISMS, I wanted to try and share that same feeling with others by taking them around the world through their headphones,” and with ‘Downstream’, he certainly does.


Hometown: Florence-born, Sydney-based.
Latest EP: Escapisms, out April 2016, via October Records.
Sounds like: 
Milwaukee Banks, Planète.
Say what? If you want to learn more about emerging African music.

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