REVIEW // Slowolf – White Feathers ft. Kimbra


When you see “feat. Kimbra” you know shit’s going down and you should listen to whatever song it is immediately.

As demonstrated by that track. We all know the one.

This time, her collaborator is Slowolf, “In my world Kimbra is one of the greatest and most unique living female vocalists. She is an artist with a capital A and she has the craziest melodic surplus.” Slowolf has hit the nail on the head there, Kimbra has such a powerfully malleable voice, showcased through her vocal lends to an endlessly diverse range of artists – Queens of the Stoneage, John Legend, Thundercat, Miami Horror, and of course Gotye.

This track “White Feathers” is powerfully vocalised, as well as intriguingly intricate, and importantly, has a touching background story behind it – it’s inspired by Slowolf’s son Karlo who has Down Syndrome. Karlo is Andreas Asingh’s fourth child – in fact, he was first a father at 19. For this reason, the lyrics, the rallying drive of the drums and Kimbra’s chanting vocals are ever more meaningful, “The song to me is about courage and rising from the ashes after times of pain”.

Asingh is not only a producer but a jazz drummer, and “White Feathers” is a juicy and ornate mix of percussion, trap and jazz. It’s more refined than his usual sound, which is how it truly allows Kimbra to shine. An undercurrent trap beat, marching band snare drums, and an intermingling of saxophone towards the end really does make it feel like a sunset rally of empowerment.


Hometown: Slowolf – Copenhagen, Denmark; Kimbra – Melbourne, Australia.
Upcoming EP: White Feathers, out May 2016 via Playground Music. 
Sounds like:
This is like Alison Wonderland slowed down quite a few BPMs.
Say what? Slowolf’s favourite word is “grey”. The more you know.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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