GIGS // Lanks – Golden Age Tour // Shebeen


It was a cosy affair on the Melbourne leg of Lanks’ national tour, with Woodes as opener.

Shebeen was what felt like a warm living room with an open fire, with Woodes’ voice the delicious marshmallows being toasted within it. She had complete confidence when she sung, funnily enough in contrast to when she made adorable, giggle-filled comments in between songs, “I’ll try not to talk anymore”.

Woodes is what a real life fairy would look like. Picture long blonde hair complete with a side plait, an ethereally ornate white dress, plus a truly angelic voice. This voice wouldn’t be out of place in a church, and hearing it recorded doesn’t do it justice. She covered Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’, and while Amy Winehouse is renowned for her strong vocals, Woodes turned it on its head with her own strong but different voice.

Lanks was a three-piece that night, with drums and keyboards and Cummins on guitar. I’d say Lanks plays experimental music in its truest meaning – not really suiting a genre or any hybrid of genres. It jumps from song to song and it does feel like he’s experimenting with whatever he so feels like for every track.

He makes use of interesting ways to manipulate and loop vocals but undoubtedly the most exciting part of his set was when he knelt down halfway through a song disappearing below the visible eyeline, and in reappearing was holding a flute aloft. And he played the shit out of that flute. I know next to nothing about the art of the flute, but playing it at a BPM that fast can’t be easy.

There was plenty of new material in, as he called it, the “Lank Bank” (which was much more amusing than it should’ve been) including an absolutely delightful duet with Woodes, the banger with Just A Gent ‘Heavy as a Heartbeat’, and the tour title ‘Golden Age’.

He did say at the moment though that he’s going through a good writing phase. If that involves more spontaneous flute, please continue.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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