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Gordi Wanting

Oh hell yes! Gordi’s back with a new single (well, just for those of us in Oz and NZ for now) and an upcoming EP.

For those that don’t know Gordi’s music, imagine Ásgeir’s electro-folk mixed with the synth-heavy vocals of Highasakite. The 22 year old from Sydney via Canowindra breaks barriers with an almost explorative version of alt pop that is both catchy enough to stick in your head and peculiar enough that you find something new to intrigue you with every listen.

‘Wanting’ follows on from her most recent single, ‘Can We Work It Out’, and parallels her previous releases with a mixture of layered, electro vocals and more natural vocals for the early verses. It slowly builds with simplistic verses and a repetitive-yet-catchy chorus into a powerful anthem. There’s something just so right about this song, exemplified by the incredibly brief brass instrumentals; the song would make just as much sense without them and, yet, with them it feels so much more complete. Once again, Gordi’s released a song that you need to stop what you’re doing and really listen to to truly appreciate.


Hometown: Canowindra, NSW
Upcoming EP: Clever Disguise, expected release 13 May 2016
Sounds like: A female Ásgeir mixed with Highasakite
Say what? ICYMI, last time we saw Gordi play we were greeted at the door by Gordi herself and homemade Trinidadian Guinness Punch. Had me lost for words!

Huggett out.

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