NEWSFLASH // ICYMI – April 2016


April was a busy month for Australian and international music (isn’t every month?!). The whole music world paid heavy-hearted tributes to Prince, one of the world’s most innovative, extravagant, and talented artists, after the very sad news of his passing. The music world also brought us joy, with some exciting live shows from Aussie artists (like Tigertown’s show in Northcote) to go with some ripper new tunes (like AlunaGeorge’s collaboration with Flume). Unfortunately, we don’t have time to cover everything at art felicis. So… In Case You Missed It:

Frightened Rabbit, the indie group from Selkirk, Scotland, released their fifth album, Painting Of A Panic Attack. The album makes for easy listening, opening up the band to new listeners, while delivering a raw, emotional feel that both challenges and envelops longtime listeners. From the moment you start the uplifting ‘Death Dream’ until you wake up from the soothing trance of ‘Die Like A Rich Boy’, you’ll be invested.


blink-182 ARE BACK! It’s been 5 years since we heard from the band that defined punk back in the 90s. Their new album, California, is set to drop July 1. In the meantime, get caught up with all the nostalgia of their new single, ‘Bored To Death’.



There’s an up-and-coming band out of London and we think Pumarosa might just have something with their new single, ‘Cecile’. The band brings an almost indie groove to their second single and they’ve really put themselves on the map as ones to watch in 2016.


Partnered with one of the coolest film clips of the year so far, Melbourne indie pop artist, The Hiding, have a really uplifting new single called ‘Karma My Life’. It took me all of 3seconds to start tapping along to this one and the infectious smile was impossible to hold back. This song was written to be enjoyed on a roadtrip but, if you’re listening from home, artist Fatmir Mura’s sand art is really just the icing on the cake!



Not to be outdone, Adelaide sister duo Auguste has their own cool film clip to accompany their new single, ‘Kingdom’. The ethereal pop song has a London Grammar-like sound, displaying strong vocal harmonies with a light synth touch, and a beautiful contemporary dance flawlessly complements the song’s challenging lyrics.



We’ve also got the live music junkies covered with some new tour news!

The Rubens (you know, those guys that won 2015’s Hottest 100?) have announced an Adelaide show on the 17th of June to go with their Sydney show (24 June), Melbourne show (25 June), and more on their fast selling national tour! Get the full tour deets here! That’s not all! Exciting London pop singer Dua Lipa is coming back to Australia this July for Sydney and Melbourne shows on the 13th and 14th, respectively (deets here) and the Paper Kites have announced a national tour to celebrate the success of their recent album, twelvefour, and a series of Midnight video clips, including this one for ‘Renegade’ (deets here).



Phew! That was a lot. Huggett out.

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