REVIEW // Sally Seltmann – Dancing in the Darkness

Sally Seltmann

This song is a homage to Sally Seltmann’s dreamy, dreamy voice.

Not sure if she’s used Autotune, another vocal effect, or just numerous harmonic layers to achieve this multi-dimensional, crystal textured, flowing sound…but it’s working. Can something be textured like crystals? Seltmann’s voice can.

It’s got a bit of the trademark Imogen Heap vocoder effect, and a touch of Regina Spektor as well. And the only other thing that’s heard in this track are her own backing vocals, light keys and synths. Actually, I barely even hear the lyrics being sung in this song, I just hear her voice.

Seltmann is one of those artists that actually seem to spend more time in the backdrop, writing songs for other artists. In fact, perhaps a little known fact – she wrote the infamous iPod song, ‘1, 2, 3, 4’, by Feist. I find this dynamic quite fascinating – with artists like Seltmann, Grimes, Ke$ha. What they write for other artists, and what they write for themselves. It’s an intriguing insight.

‘Dancing in the Darkness’ was written in conjunction with her husband, who’s just from that small, minorly groundbreaking group The Avalanches, Darren Seltmann. Feel that power couple induced jealousy wash over you.


Hometown: Australian living in Los Angeles.
Sounds like: I still dream one day Seeker Lover Keeper will get back together.
Say what? Since writing that, I just looked it up and Seeker Lover Keeper are potentially getting back together this year for an album! Don’t play with my heart, now.

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