GIGS // RÜFÜS – Bloom World Tour // Festival Hall


When I’m reviewing a gig, I like to take some level of detailed notes throughout. That didn’t quite happen with RÜFÜS last Thursday night because I was too busy dancing!

The Sydney trio came out to an erupting cheer from the packed out Festival Hall and it was clear from the get-go that the Melbourne crowd were gonna go nuts at every word lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist said. RÜFÜS started with back-to-back opening tracks, ‘Brighter’ and ‘Sundream’, from their two big albums. Just like those albums, there was an instant festival feel with explosive energy contained only by the feeling that it was going to get bigger and better still. People were already up on shoulders, the capacity crowd was moving in sync like waves on the ocean, and RÜFÜS transitioned from new songs to old so smoothly there was no time to do anything but keep going wild.

Hit after hit after hit is probably less of a challenge when practically all of your 20+ song discography is as good as theirs but RÜFÜS managed to exceed even that, mixing up ‘Tell Me’ with a jazzy intro and ‘Desert Night’ with epic drums, a huge drop, and an insane electronic instrumental transitioning straight into ‘Say a Prayer for Me’. And just when the energy couldn’t get any higher, they brought everything straight back down to earth, bringing local Melbourne singer Dena Amy on stage for the much more intimate ‘Hypnotised’.

The mixups kept coming with what sounded suspiciously like deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’ as an intro to ‘Lose My Head’. The boys from RÜFÜS appreciated the singalongs and announced they’d been holding back some songs on their US tour just for us in Australia. This included ‘Daylight’ which had some sick cow bell in an extended outro before Tyrone used every inch of the stage jumping and dancing to ‘Be with You’.

Stage talk, energy, dancing, extended outros; RÜFÜS was throwing everything in their arsenal at us yet there was still more with some absolutely filthy bass in a massive build up to ‘Tonight’. And if only to outdo themselves yet again, they paused to tell us an important bit about recording Bloom: “We locked ourselves in the studio and went on a 7 minute journey. We want to take you on that journey.” Holy shit, the chills. ‘Innerbloom’ had so much hype and not a single body was still for a single moment in that 7 minutes.

Possibly the biggest applause of the night so far, coupled with loud screams and stamping feet, prompted James to say “Melbourne’s always the loudest crowd”. The crowd cheered louder still. They introduced themselves and announced it was bandmate Jon George’s 30th birthday, leading to the most out of sync rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ I’ve ever heard. They finished with ‘Like An Animal’ and left the stage to cheers for more and strobe lighting.

Of course there was more! They came back and played a completely redone version of ‘Take Me’, eventually leading into the original and sparking the loudest singalong of the night. There was one last chat to the still buzzing crowd before (no points for guessing this one) ‘You Were Right’. It was one last dance, and by this stage I was almost delirious from a potent mix of jelly legs and dehydration, before an almost anticlimactic extended fade out… “We’re gonna do this one last time Melbourne!” Or not. Huge finale to an epic gig!


Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Latest Album: Bloom, released 22 January 2016
Sounds like: The Aston Shuffle, Goldroom, Bag Raiders
Say what? Hopefully it doesn’t get removed but their Wikipedia page lists Members, Best Friend, and Location Of bestfriend. Is Harry Doyle really their best friend?

Huggett out.

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