REVIEW // Rainbow Chan – Last

Rainbow Chan

This is quite a song to unpack.

At first listen, it’s the evocative lyrics, “The honey on your lips was starting to drip” is what catches the attention. At second listen, it’s the sheer variety of percussion going on in the background.

Rainbow Chan is a genius at using interesting sounds to fill her tracks out. It’s an aural pleasure to listen to her music. In ‘Last’, the sharp jolting percussion pierces through, clashes with the sweetness of the lyrics, plays off the undercurrent of the wobbling synths, and intersperses with crashing, thunderstorm like percussion – all this somehow working harmoniously together.

It might be arrangement and repetition of her lyrics that successfully links it all together. She loops her vocals and layers them throughout the song. It’s truly an intricate piece.

Melding her Hong Kong background with her Australian upbringing in her music, it is inspiring and fresh to see an Asian face in the Australian indie music landscape paving the way for other female and first-generation music lovers.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia via Hong Kong.
Upcoming album: To be released later this year via Silo Arts and Records.
Sounds like: Lisa MitchellSui Zhen, D.D Dumbo.
Say what? Rainbow Chan is her real name.

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