FATHERDUDE – Eyes on You

Father Dude

Apart from having a pretty ridiculous sounding name (sorry, but “Father Dude“? I clearly don’t get it), FATHERDUDE also has the perfect voice for electronic dance music.

And everyone else also seems to think so. I know FATHERDUDE purely through his cameo appearances in Australian dance songs. He’s somehow made a name for himself in our little world, even all the way from America. You’ll have heard him on ‘Electrify’ with GRMM, and ‘Body Cry’ with Slumberjack. Both a banging good time if you so wish to listen and have one.

This time, we have something from the dude himself. ‘Eyes On You’ is produced in collaboration with NY producer Infuze. It’s smooth, suave, and dark. You’ll probably be singing along within the first chorus. It’s supposedly, “…an ode to the everyday 21st century voyeurism we all experience. To exist online is to expose oneself. We desire to lurk but from a distance and without repercussion…”

While ‘Eyes On You’ explores modern themes that can actually be quite serious issues, it’s done it in a joyful, bring the house down kinda way. In fact, it’s got a very tantalising Jamiroquai sound to it, with FATHERDUDE’s high reaching vocals and that funky, funky bassline. File this away for Saturday night.


Hometown: New York City, US.
Upcoming EP: The Balance, out June 2016 via etcetc.
Sounds like: Somewhere between Jamiroquai, Duke Dumont and Sam Smith.
Say what? There are gems galore on FATHERDUDE’s Twitter feed.

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