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May had some big stories in music, none bigger than our own Dami Im totally maybe being robbed in the Eurovision 2016 Final. It was also another busy month at art felicis with wildly epic gigs (RÜFÜS anybody?!) and tune after tune (like Rainbow Chan’s ‘Last’ and Ladyhawke’s ‘Dangerous’). But the music world continues to be too generous, giving us more than we can handle. So… In Case You Missed It:

Canowindra’s Gordi released her debut EP, Clever Disguise, accompanied with this stripped back version of ‘Can We Work It Out’. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this song but the stripped back version brings something more intimate and emotional than the original. Check out the video below!



Folk/country singer Sam Brittain has announced a new album Signal Lights and tour dates for the release, including Sydney on June 8 and Melbourne on June 23. He’s also released a new single, ‘Stab in the Dark’, which tells of a coming of age from travelling for his music and from the grief he’s faced in life. There’s a lot of heart in this one.

And to turn the mood a full 180, there’s this release from Mallrat described to me as “uber cool”. I tend to agree, as ‘Inside Voices’ almost reminds me of Banoffee’s ‘Let’s Go To The Beach’. The tune sees her team up with Tigerilla and Casper Zazz for a bouncy, upbeat hit that brightens up your day despite the incoming winter.

Any Scrubs fans out there? The moment I heard this new release from Brett Dennen, I was taken right back to his 2008 song, ‘Ain’t No Reason’. This new one, ‘What’s The Secret?’, accompanies the release of his sixth album, Por Favor. The album itself dives into a vulnerable and sad time of his life but, just like his earlier releases, manages to tell a story with this lighter and almost positive music.



Following on from her single ‘In The Fog, In The Flame’, making the rounds on the triple j airwaves, Bec Sandridge has released another single, ‘You’re A Fucking Joke’. This new one takes a departure from her folk roots with a little bit more of a poppy vibe, allowing for some aggression and punk to be added, appropriately for a song with such a title.

English trio The Staves have released a three-song EP Sleeping In A Car. They’re also in Australia right now touring with Bon Iver. The title track to the EP shows some Bon Iver influences with blissful vocals before a harmonic build-up to the final climax. The sisters described the EP, saying that the songs “reflect the transient nature of travelling” and the transience can definitely be heard throughout.



And finally, because there’s not enough Aussie country and folk music on this page, I’ll double dip with a new one from Tim Wheatley. His newest single, ’78 Benz’ from his recent album Cast of Yesterday is about following your passion regardless of rejections or struggles that accompany it. The acoustic guitar and floaty vocals personify the simplicity and beauty of his own 78 Benz, the very one pictured here (click to hear the song with accompanying video).

78 Benz

Huggett out.

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