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bob evans

I’ve missed Bob Evan’s perfectly tousled mop hair, and I’ve missed his music more.

Real name Kevin Mitchell, he has announced his fifth studio album Car Boot Sale, and released a double-A side release as a teaser – ‘Matterfact’ and ‘Happy Tears’.

In a very logical train of thought, Evans states that “The records I make are always a response to the one before. After Familiar Stranger, which was the record I made when I was completely bored of being an acoustic singer-songwriter…this album was really me coming back to the acoustic guitar and finding a new love for it.”

It does sound like a homecoming – Evans does classic acoustic folk rock jams so well. It’s standard Sunday lounging music. When he’s the frontman of Jebediah, he takes on a much punk-inspired vocal path. It’s akin to Blink-182 or Good Charlotte even. However, although he’s performing behind a pseudonym, the Bob Evans version of Mitchell sounds infinitely more natural and organic. But let’s not forget how brilliant old-school Jebediah is.


‘Matterfact’ is a posterchild for how indie rock should be. It highlights Evans’ gorgeously gruff voice and its catchy hook-driven guitar. ‘Happy Tears’ takes it down a notch, very appropriately juxtaposing flat, dejected saxophone with cheery, singalong piano. They represent two sides of a personality, a harder, more “traditional” form of indie rock, and an exploration of how much the term “indie rock” can cover in ‘Happy Tears’.

And because he’s not talented or busy enough, Evans is also launching a special podcast series (like every man and their dog rn – I live in perpetual anxiety of being behind in podcasts), ‘Good Evans, It’s a Bobcast!’. It’ll be featuring special guests weekly including Tom Ballard and Tony Buchen, and unsurprisingly, discuss music and the way it has shaped their lives.



Hometown: Perth, Australia.
Upcoming album: Car Boot Sale, out June 2016 via EMI.
Sounds like: Josh Pyke, Something For Kate, Eskimo Joe.
Say what? Mitchell thinks of Bob as a very old friend.

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