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Client Liaison

The Client Liaison universe
From start to finish, Client Liaison’s main objective is entertainment. They created and invited us into their fabulous Client Liaison universe on their ‘World of our Love’ tour. Dressed in colourful silhouetted power suits with Monte’s trademark mullet, and complete with over-sized water coolers and pot plants flanking their stage, it was a typical throwback sitcom office setting. The best thing about Client Liaison is that every element is thought out. The dedication to totally immersing themselves into their art is impressive.

Ella Thompson has a powerhouse voice but their music was a little flat. She absolutely nailed her guest appearance on new Client Liaison song ‘Business Class’ though. Also, I would like her to teach me how to dance while wearing precariously angled hats.

Tom Tilley’s cult status
Rather than asking the hard-hitting questions as he usually does for half an hour weekday evenings, he ditched the studio for the stage and was hitting the bass hard instead. No stranger to this band, he’s been touring with Client Liaison off and on for awhile now. Towards the end of the show when Monty introduced each member of the band, one individual in front of me freaked the shit out when he realised that the bassist he’d been watching all set was Tom Tilley. If anyone is within reach of the heights of perfection, it’s Mr Tom Tilley. Full-time accomplished journalist, part-time bassist, all-round babe.

Feeling that love
As Monte stated before ending their pre-encore set with ‘World of our Love’ – “it’s what we’re all about”, which rings so true. It describes Client Liaison’s whole shebang so well. ‘World of our Love’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Queen’ , these are some of the most uplifting tracks, that are brought to life when performed to an adoring crowd . Even while played against distractedly hypnotising visuals. Who needs drugs when you can watch old-school screen savers.

Client Liaison

Oh, the dancing
Synchronised dance moves. It’s something that needs to happen more often. Embrace the tackiness! Jordy, Monte and Tom owned the stage with some simple yet effective strutting dance moves and poses.
 I came away from this night trying to work out how I can sneak my way into the band. Not content with just a hearty voice and impressive control over his falsetto, Monty is a true total-package performer, destroying some nifty microphone acrobatics and silky smooth dance spins. He irresistibly makes you want to join in.

A worthwhile encore
This is how you do an encore. It started off with a highly amusing (and really well made too) video playing out featuring a ski lodge, Foster’s Beer, Ansett Australia and Diners Club cards. It was a perfect Australiana throwback montage. The boys then returned to stage, wearing sequinned custom named jackets. Again, it’s that attention to detail that really takes them to another level of showmanship. They finished the night off with ‘Canberra Won’t be Calling Tonight’ (complete with Canberra parliamentary videography), a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’, and their own classic, ‘End of the Earth’.

While this entire show would be lost on someone who wasn’t brought up in Australia, it was certainly nostalgic and heartwarming for anyone who is. They have a very specific local and time context that, in a way, brings a whole demographic of people together to embrace and celebrate their music and their entire universe.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Sounds like: Hot Chip, The Rapture, Miami Horror.
Say what? Client Liaison embodies their 80s creative aesthetic in everyday life to celebrate the era that they feel like hasn’t been appreciated enough.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  


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