GIGS // DMA’S – Hill’s End Tour // Corner Hotel


They’ve grown up, and though they’re probably used to the festival circuit and international tours, DMA’s can still play a tightly packed local band room like they used to.

Perhaps, however, with a little more boredom and carelessness than before. Is it understandable though, coming into their third in a row show in Melbourne, at the end of a long weekend nonetheless?

Labelmates Green Buzzard opened the night up. While they haven’t received quite the buzz that many other I Oh You acts go through, their time may come. If a more psych rock DMA’s sounds appealing to you, they may be up your alley.

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Having watched DMA’s embark on their first national tour back when they released the mainstay ‘Delete’ and a handful of gigs and festivals ever since, it’s been fun observing them develop from local buzzband to internationally recognised. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed are their outfits. Tommy O’Dell was in his classic “lad” wear – a cap, white shirt and Adidas trackies. And of course, clutching his staple handheld percussion instrument. One thing that definitely has changed are the people showing up to their shows. In stark contrast, their first show I saw at the Northcote Social Club was very much of a serious nature – industry-led, critics, music lovers alike. Now? It’s a much different demographic, which I’ll leave up to your imagination.

Their songs and lad-attitude provide enough to entertain these days. Are gone the days of Matt Mason playing shirtless and heightened swaggering? All that’s left is their prolonged stares into the crowd and mateship on stage. But this barely matters to the audience. A lot of their music feels anthemic. The lyrics aren’t clearly political or particularly significant but the crowd shouts them like they are, with fingers pointing to the sky, “ALL I WAAAANT IS YOU TO STAY,” and “THIS IS YOURS NOWWWW.” When set to some basic but effective lighting, it’s easy to get lost in the wall of sound that the band creates, which was especially prevalent in songs with instrumental breaks like ‘Melbourne’. Sidenote, this song embodies the phenomenon of cities craving pats on the back by their musical heroes.

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In saying that, DMA’s don’t need the bells and whistles embellishments of visual effects. They shine through when it’s simply them and their instruments. You couldn’t get much more DMA’s when they did a stripped back version of ‘Now You’re Gone’ with just O’Dell and Johnny Took on stage (and with some girls in the front row blazing up during it). But the best thing about DMA’s is that they can go from full on to stripped back while maintaining an unbelievably melodic guitar hook and all carried by O’Dell’s charming voice.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Sounds like: So often linked with Oasis but for which there is a good reason.
Say what? Following on from the above, when Noel Gallagher was asked about the DMA’s, his reply was, “No, I can’t say I’ve had the displeasure of listening to it yet.”

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