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you've got time

To celebrate the season 4 launch of Orange is the New Black.

‘You’ve Got Time ‘ – this is a track all Orange is the New Black fans are familiar with. As a streaming service, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the opening credits on all its shows are going to be skipped past, but Netflix is very good at creating cinematic openers that don’t necessarily warrant the 30-second time saver. Netflix original programs like BoJack Horseman, Making a Murderer, Narcos are a few that employ opening credits that really resonate. But it’s the double-hitter of visually engaging shots set to a stunner of a song that make OITNB’s one of the best.

Creator Jenji Kohan specifically asked Regina Spektor to pen ‘You’ve Got Time’ for OITNB, after listening heavily to the artist when writing the show. And of course, it’s so intimately linked with the show’s themes – Regina Spektor watched some of the show while it was still in production to get a feel for it. If you could take your pick of songwriter, Spektor would be up there. In just over one minute, she totally captures the show’s themes and characters.

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From the grunge guitar to the piano breakdown – it’s a perfect mixed bag of emotions, heavily featuring anger, sorrow and joy. She’s reached into Piper Chapman’s head and laid it all out in song-form. “The animals, the animals / Trapped, trapped, trapped ’til the cage is full”. It’s quintessentially Spektor – evocative and vivid, yet quaint. She writes a type of music that takes genuine skill, a deep understanding of rhythm and sentiment. How someone manages to make a song like ‘Blue Lips’ catchy is beyond me, but she does it. 

It’s also all very American, with the multicultural faces and the trademark New York accent that Spektor sings with. Set in-sync to close up shots of female inmates, it’s almost overwhelmingly claustrophobic – something you’d expect from a show set nearly entirely in a prison.

Now, go and enjoy bingeing on season 4. No spoilers!


Hometown: NYC, United States.
Sounds like: Feist, Tegan and Sara, Alev Lenz.
Say what? Apart from Jenji Kohan, Barack Obama is also a fan.

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