REVIEW // Unknown Mortal Orchestra – First World Problem

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The ubiquitous phrase heightened in popularity through internet memes has made its way to title Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s latest track.

While they started of anonymously, Unknown Mortal Orchestra is now a staple in the international psych rock scene. ‘First World Problem’ is the first track release since their album Multi-Love in 2015. And it’s unashamedly shoulder-dance inducing. The first five seconds of brass-heavy introduction makes you think you’re about to be treated to a broadway tune, before quickly slinking into familiar skuzzy indie territory, with Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s trademark vocals ever-present – which I like to think of as “head cold” vocals. See also: Bibio.

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“You’ve got to understand that I could be your man or a first world problem.” Why not both, though? The lack of logic and ambiguity is also lost on lead singer Ruban Nielson it seems, “I think ‘First World Problem’ is about modern love in a crumbling empire. The feeling that you’re trying to build your life and get what you need while a decadent world falls apart around you.” Lezbehonest, I have no idea what this means and you don’t either, Nielson. Just stick to creating good tunes and we won’t read too much into them.


Based in: Auckland, New Zealand / Portland, United States.
Sounds like: Kurt Vile, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco.
Say what? Neilson and his wife Jenny were involved in a in a polyamorous relationship with a woman from Tokyo, which ended when she had to leave the country due to visa problems.

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