FEATURE // Songs to shower to

I don’t know about you, but I keep a regularly updated playlist made exclusively for my shower time.

There’s something about the enclosed, echo-inducing, tiled bathroom space that makes singing so downright enjoyable.

shower songs

Juan Julbe

It’s, in fact, scientifically proven you sound better in a shower. Tiles don’t absorb sound which makes your voice bounce around and sound as powerful and rich as Aretha Franklin. The reverb also evens out your pitch. Thanks tiles! That is, until you discover how you sound outside those four walls in comparison…but at least your invisible bathroom audience knows your true potential.

shower songs

Here’s a list of shower-friendly songs for any occasion to kickstart your playlist.

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Meg Mac – Grandma’s Hands
We can all pretend to be able to sing like Meg Mac in a shower. What makes a good shower song? A belting singalong. Something you can destroy your lungs out to with a shampoo-bottle microphone without fear of any other human judgement.

Recommended to accompany deep meditative shower thoughts.

Alicia Keys – No One
Or Alicia Keys for that matter.

Recommended for whenever you’re really feeling yoself. 

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons
A shower is a therapeutic, cleansing experience. It’s like hitting the refresh button and emerging as a new person. And with that, you need a therapeutic, cleansing song. ‘Changing of the Seasons’ is all about coming to terms with a miserable situation and releasing them into the ether.

Recommended to purify the toxins of a shit day away.

High School Musical – Bop to the Top
Um, don’t pretend High School Musical songs aren’t the damn catchiest and most feel-good tunes of the mid- to late- 2000s.

Recommended for when you’re showering up in preparation for a big night.

Eminem – Lose Yourself
A perfect song to practice your rap game and corresponding hip hop hand gestures in privacy.

Recommended as a primer before your next late-night karaoke session.

The Killers – When You Were Young
Stadium rock music is a must-have because it’s easier to pretend you’re singing to a packed stadium within the echoey chambers of a shower.

Recommended for an empowering pick-me-up to prepare for a long day at work or school.

Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks
Everyone knows the best light bulb moments happen in-shower. And so an inoffensive, cheerful jam like ‘Young Folks’ is perfect for accompanying a brainstorm session. Also, you get to whistle to your heart’s content without pissing everyone else off in the vicinity.

Recommended for when you’re showering purely to seek that mid-soap brainwave. Guilty.

TNGHT – Higher Ground
Dancing in the shower ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. Think of this as your cool down session.

Recommended for a post-workout shower.

Violent Soho – Covered In Chrome
YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. An obvious choice, because sometimes you just need to scream “Yeah” a million times.

Recommended for whenever pent-up anger needs to be released.

Beyoncé – Love On Top
Something with this many tricky key changes can only be safely performed away from other people’s ears.

Recommended for legit whenever, as any time is a good time for a satisfying key change.

Go forth* and sing yourself clean.

*Note: Not responsible for housemate complaints or your next water bill. 

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