GIGS // A.D.K.O.B – Ghost Tour // Workers Club


Saturday night was a battle between one selfish drunk and a talented four-piece from Sydney, A.D.K.O.B. Fortunately, the band won.

I don’t want to write an entire review about one dickhead’s attempts to ruin an entire set; that would be taking away from just how skilful the members of A.D.K.O.B are as musicians. But, when more than half the set is filled with a distracted crowd, and concerns of a stage-breach or even violence, it has to be mentioned. You could see the frustration on lead singer Mark’s face as he told us “I cannot ignore him” before he addressed the looney telling him: “You’ll get very sick my friend, I’m fluey as fuck”. Thankfully, the man was escorted from the venue a bit over halfway through.

With that nonsense out of the way, let’s talk about how good A.D.K.O.B are. They started the set with ‘Lung Capacity’, the opening song from their debut EP A Different Kind of Busy. It’s the perfect opener for the EP and for a live set, setting the mood and energy early, and getting crowd and band alike into a rhythmic groove. From there, it was straight into a couple of unreleased tunes. With only five songs formally released, there were going to be plenty of newbies, many of which would be familiar if you’d seen them support Montaigne earlier in the year.

With new and old (well… not that old) songs alike, A.D.K.O.B showed off complex rhythms and percussion, hitting off-beats and making songs almost captivatingly uncomfortable. It reminds me of Passion Pit’s Manners (one of my all-time favourites) which makes you listen over and over again until you can confidently tap along while driving to work. The live performance makes it all the more impressive. Each of the band members contributes to the intricacy through tapping drum sticks, shaking the tambourine, or just grooving on the bass.

Stage-talk was minimal outside of dealing with our drunk friend but we did get a bit of humour. Mark nonchalantly announced “this is the Ghost tour so we better play that song” before jumping right into it. The newest single was popular with the crowd as was their earlier release, ‘Disclaimer’. It was the unreleased songs that had me most impressed, however, with a nice balance of Mark and Jane singing harmonies and bouncing off each other when going back and forth.

To finish off a short but sweet set (couldn’t expect hours from one EP!), they played their most popular tune, ‘Glue’. It received a great ovation from the crowd with a big cheer to kick things off and the biggest of fans singing along to every word. Each time Mark sang “STICKS AND MORE” the response grew as the Workers Club crowd jumped around for every chorus. Probably over-estimating the average punter, the band tried to get a slightly complicated clap along going to finish. It quickly dwindled away as one confused fan called out “what do you want us to do?” Despite that, the crowd kept dancing as the band thanked us for coming and finished with a bang.


Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Latest Album: A Different Kind of Busy, released 15 April 2016
Sounds like: I’d love to hear your opinions because I’ve never been able to compare them to anyone. Such a unique sound!
Say what? In an interview with triple j Unearthed, Mark shared he has a bit of a problem with file management, managing to fill eight hard drives with his musical thoughts which leads to a lot of stress if anything should happen to one of them.

Huggett out.

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