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big scary

The absolutely delightful piano intro is all you need to hear to fall in love with ‘The Opposite Of Us’ from the equally delightful Big Scary.

Tom Iansek and Jo Syme are no strangers to creating smooth af tunes with a bit of somethin’ somethin’. Their music manages stays with you, it’s always so poignant. With just a few piano notes and simple drums, volumes are spoken – and that’s before Iansek starts singing. And when he does…magic! Floating between full-bodied, swelling moments and quiet, pondering moments, it’s some solid rainy-outside but cosy-inside music. Get yourself a cup of tea, a blanket, and press play.

This is the third single from Big Scary’s upcoming third album Animal, hand-in-hand with a national tour for the first time in three years later starting soon. They’ve certainly brought their A-game with the diverse selection of singles that have been released: The edgy and more experimental ‘Over Matter’, the funkier ‘Organism’, and the personal favourite ‘The Opposite Of Us’ (is there some kind of weird “O” theme for this album?). All sounding completely different, they could all feasibly come from entirely different bands. Such is the talent of Big Scary.


Based in: Melbourne, Australia. 
Upcoming album: Animal, out September 2016 via Pieater.
Sounds like: Snakadaktal, Josh Pyke, and let’s not forget Iansek’s sadly hiatused side-project #1 Dads.
Say what? In an interview with A Music Blog, Yea?, they revealed that looking up photos of Golden Retrievers is a common pre-show warm up activity.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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