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Photo: Arianna Lucente
Photo: Arianna Lucente

Boo Seeka may have only released four songs so far, but the duo from Sydney are killing it with sold out shows across Australia and an upcoming Splendour debut!

I love Boo Seeka. I’ve made a conscious effort to follow everything they’ve put out since first spotting them as a support for Kim Churchill. The best thing about a new band with so few official releases is that you’re bound to get heaps of new songs at their shows. Yet, from the get-go, many of the other Howler patrons clearly disagreed. Ben and Sam opened with two tracks I hadn’t heard, plenty of energy, and vivid dancing around the stage, but the Melbourne crowd were talking amongst themselves instead of buying into it. This was, unfortunately, a common trend throughout the night with new and unfamiliar tracks being performed superbly but to a disappointing reaction.

Fortunately, I’m reviewing the gig, not the crowd. Following an exciting opening, the Sydney boys jumped into their most recent single, ‘Oh My’, which finally got them the response they’d earned. They certainly fed off that energy, lifting another gear and getting a clap going. This was the first time I really noticed Ben has stupidly long arms. When your limbs are that long and you can incorporate them that seamlessly into your performance, you’re going to be entertaining!

‘Deception Bay’ was a huge early highlight as a large number of people sung along and the dancing, both in the audience and on stage, lifted another level. Ben made sure that every last one of us was singing along with a “Come on Melbourne! 1 2 3 4!” leading to the final chorus. The applause that followed was quickly topped by a louder one, earned by drinking some red straight from the bottle. “Cheers!”

Admittedly, it wasn’t only the well-known songs that got them some much-earned kudos. A distracted crowd was quickly brought around when another newbie transitioned smoothly into Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’. But the best bit was the screams from one of their stories, about a song that “kinda came together in a week” and was a “terrifying thing for [them]”, when they “got asked to do this thing called Like A Version for triple j”. The cover of MØ’s ‘Pilgrim’ was certainly worthy of the premature reaction, as Sam went wild on the percussion and Ben continued to groove.

Other stories got a bit of interest too, and I think it’s fair to say that Boo Seeka balance stagetalk and performance quite well. They shared highlights from their short journey so far, announced an upcoming 52 day US tour, and told us about how they only met four days before recording their first song. “This song really changed our lives” led into ‘Kingdom Leader’ which, as you’d expect, had the crowd going nuts. The security had to get to work as people popped up on each other’s shoulders and everybody got into it. A fitting finale, the only thing to top that was their last song, ‘Fool’. People were right back on shoulders and Ben finished things with a huge “COME ON MELBOURNE! LET’S DO THIS ONE MORE TIME!”

P.s. Shoutout to Gold Member who opened with a really great set, ending with a ridiculously groovy rendition of ‘The Pina Colada Song’. They remind me a bit of Sticky Fingers or Bootleg Rascal and are definitely worth checking out.


Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Latest Single: Oh My, released 01 April 2016
Sounds like: Massive Attack, Vera Blue
Say what? According to Alex Dyson, the song ‘Deception Bay’ can be “described as pomegranate body lotion”. The boys from Boo Seeka played along with that and presented Alex with his very own customised Boo Seeka’s Deception Bay Lathering Body Wash during their Like A Version.

Huggett out.

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