REVIEW // Mallrat – For Real


This song from Mallrat reminds me of when I first discovered Allday’s ‘So Good’, and went on to listen to it on repeat x repeat x repeat.

With its simple beats, piano and voice production accompanying sing-song story lyrics, it’s too enchanting to ignore.

This specific hip hop micro-genre just has that charming way. How to describe it? Cutesy hip hop. Indie rap. Bubblegum hip hop? Well, according to Mallrat’s bios, she’s the “Hannah Montana of the rap game”.

Mallrat is “not sure if ‘For Real’ is a happy song or a sad song but I hope people can attach it to some memory and decide for themselves.” To me, it’s a vintage photo filter happy song, even with backhanded lyrics like “You didn’t even wanna die once this week”. And to that point, it’s these kind of lyrics that have the mass appeal, for plenty of angst-y teenagers to put meaning into. It’s all very young adult fiction, “Falling asleep too sweet in the passenger seat”.

To the Hannah Montana of the rap game. Let’s hope the next evolution isn’t the Miley Cyrus of the rap game.


Based in: Brisbane, Australia.
Sounds like: Allday with some Jess Kent and Tkay Maidza mashed in. 
Say what? Being underage, she has to leave the licensed venues that she performs at straight after her sets.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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