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The Internet

I wish The Internet would play every Sunday night to lull me back into a week of work.

Despite having a very SEO-unfriendly band name, their last album Ego Death was a Grammy Award nominee and they managed to sell out five headline shows across Australia.

As an appropriate starter to the genre-bending The Internet, Dreller served up his interesting amalgamation of sounds to open the night as the audience dripped in. And never had a hipper crowd graced the grimey floors of 170 Russell to witness an equally as hip band. Casually cool Matt Martian’s humpback whale jumper and Patrick Paige II’s glow-in-the-dark bass strings say it all.

After reading that Odd Future band members were never really friends, but more like work associates, it was pleasing to see that The Internet looked like they were having a great time jamming with each other, and there seemed to be genuine respect for each other on stage as musicians. Syd Tha Kyd is one captivating character. There’s simply no one else on her level – how many people do you know could pull off a blond-tipped mohawk? It’s hard to take eyes off her. Her normal coldly sweet vocals can suddenly be punctuated by spitfire rapping or powerful belting; there is absolute control there.

The other person in contention for eyeballs on stage was keyboardist KiNTaRO. When he wasn’t treating our ears to intricate keyboard melodies (like the stirring effect of the keyboard in ‘Under Control’), he was pulling off sweet dance moves casually in the corner of the stage.

Though it would be difficult to compete with their dance moves, the crowd was told to “get wavey” before the band covered a deliciously sensual version of ‘Prototype’ by Outkast – if it’s possible to get more sensual than the original. In the best way possible, I’ll never unhear this cover. From ‘Girl (“this is one for the ladies”) to ‘Just Sayin/I Tried’, the whole set was highly emotive.

The set ended on a frenzy of instrumentals. For an act to play a full headline set to a captive audience, with no lull to speak of, shows its one worth taking note of. Such sweetly nuanced music is a treat to hear and see live.


Based in: LA, US.
Sounds like: JMSN, Kelela, Hiatus Kaiyote.
Say what? Left Brain from Odd Future grew tired of being asked where he was from and started replying with “From the internet”. And it stuck.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.  

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