NEWSFLASH // ICYMI – Winter 2016 // Volume 1

ICYMI Winter1

It’s been a cold, cold winter but you can always keep warm by having a boogie to some ripper tunes. There’s been plenty of big hits this winter but you may have been too busy at the snow or partying at Splendour to catch them all. Or maybe you’ve just been too devoted to your footy teams to keep up with the music world. Whatever the reason… In Case You Missed It:

Adelaide singer MANE has released her debut EP House of Horror. Something about her vocals in her first single, ‘Bitter’, is almost haunting but it’s the blues-like keys underneath that make this one truly catchy. The whole EP has a kinda folky/bluesy groove to it and can be listened to both as background music or by really diving in.

When cities collide! Brisbane’s BANFF meets Sydney’s Caitlin Park, they write a song together, and then fly down to Melbourne’s Tom Iansek’s (from Big Scary and #1 Dads) studio to record it. ‘My Love, My Lover’ is a warm, summery, tune that I’ve been listening to on repeat to get me through these cold evenings. They’re touring together at Oxford Circus, Sydney (Friday 12 August) and The Grace Darling, Melbourne (Saturday 13 August) so make sure to check them out.

If you like psychedelic-pop mixed with the almost stereotypical Aussie male vocals that fill the radio waves, you’ve probably already heard this one. Venus II released their first single, ‘Inside Your Sun’, which clears the way for their debut album of the same name. The boys sound a bit like Tame Impala which I hope should excite a lot of you.

The newest single by Seattle’s The Head and the Heart might be America’s answer to Of Monsters and Men. ‘All We Ever Knew’ is a catchy, folky rock ballad which, I must admit, took me a little bit to get into. However, the moment you get those la la las around the 1 minute mark, you’re hooked.



Kings. brought us a great one with ‘(u) West Coast’. It takes you in three different directions within the first minute. First it looks like it’ll be an electronic banger, then it’s soothing indie pop vocals, before finally bringing back the electronic but much, much lighter. Put simply, I’m really digging it.

Yes! It finally happened! When I saw Gab Strum, aka Japanese Wallpaper, live last year, I was instantly impressed by his singing. “The dude can clearly sing, with his voice perfectly suited for his music style, an attractive simplicity that draws you in until you lose yourself in it.” And now, with ‘Cocoon’, he’s recorded his own vocals for the first time. You simply must listen!

Oh, and to cap things off, we had our first new music from Two Door Cinema Club since 2013. ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ is easy-listening, nice, simple pop. It’s just so catchy with that lowkey energy and it’s very easy to listen to again and again. This is just the first taste of their upcoming album, Gameshow, out on October 14.


Huggett out.

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