REVIEW // Thundamentals – Late Nights


A pretty great song backed by a pretty good marketing campaign, fit for their audience and their legacy. Thundamentals took to a grassroots promotion initiative, putting up street posters that were Shazamble to tease their new material, as well as taking out a classified ad in their local Blue Mountains Gazette.


They then premiered their latest single ‘Late Nights’ at the end of a guest hour on Blue Mountains 89.1 FM, who gave the band their first spin 12 years ago. If that’s not some sweet gratitude (shoutouts: Keep Community Radio) and some local lovin’.

Made up of DJ Morgs, Tuka, Pon Cho and Jeswon, Thundamentals are one of Australia’s most well-respected hip hop outfits now. ‘Late Nights’ reflects this well, “The future’s so bright I wear my sunglasses at night”. According to Tuka himself, “‘Late Nights’ isn’t just a nod to partying it’s also an acknowledgement of all of the late nights spent working on your craft. This song is about that epiphany moment where you realise you are better off taking a risk rather than trying to conform.”

While sunglass-wearing after 5pm is generally classified as dickheadery by society, this line is undeniably catchy and feels uplifting without being overly corny. It may be purely due to the down-to-earth attitude of Thundamentals and the way they’ve positioned the melody. Reading through them, much of the lyrics in ‘Late Nights’ has a Far East Movement or Pitbull generic-club-track written all over them. It’s the Aussie accent that makes all the difference here, and they are just exceedingly good at creating harmonic Australian hip hop for the mainstream.


Based in: Blue Mountains, Australia.
Sounds like: Urthboy, Horrorshow, Hilltop Hoods
Say what? Tuka has both dyslexia and synaesthesia.

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