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Tove Lo

Tove Lo in contention for releasing one of the biggest earworms of the year.

Give it a spin and ten seconds in you’ll feel like you know the entire song.

‘Cool Girl’ was written by Tove Lo and The Struts – both part of the songwriter pack Wolf Cousins who write for huge acts like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez. You could say they’re familiar with writing chart-toppers. And it seems like they have another one on their hands with this track.

While Tove Lo’s first album in 2014 was a global success, she only came onto my radar through featuring on Flume’s stunner ‘Say It’. ‘Cool Girl’ may be bubblegum, but she has a grungey background, which comes through on the Flume track. You could easily dismiss ‘Cool Girl’ as some straight-up basic pop that sounds a bit too familiar, is essentially about nothing and sole purpose is for high-rotation play. But in fact, it was born out of an inspiration from the hit novel and movie Gone Girl, which carries insightful themes on modern expectations of females, love and relationships. We’re all just trying to convince ourselves and the world that we’re cool girls. Labels and rules are for losers?

According to Tove Lo, “‘Cool Girl’ is about our weird need to play the game of “whoever feels less, has the power” in relationships. You think you want someone who doesn’t want you, or you want someone who isn’t fazed by anything you do. Really we all just want full on, real love.” (WHEN YOU) SAY IT (LIKE THAT), gal.


Based in: Stockholm, Sweden.
Sounds like: Charli XCX, , Icona Pop.
Say what? Tove claims she only owns two pairs of shoes including Dockers sneakers and Candies. 

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