REVIEW // Amy Shark – Adore

Amy Shark

I won’t be the first person to say that I “adore” this song. May as well throw my hat in the ring and own it. It’s pretty damn adorable.

‘Adore’ is unsurprisingly about being hopelessly in love, “Walk the entire street outta town just so I can be alone with you / I’ll go when you’re ready my heads getting heavy resting against your arm / I adore you”. Warm and fuzzy.

Upon first listen, I had to track it down immediately. The raw quaintness jumped out to me, similar to that of Tiny Little Houses. Shark has nailed down a unique sound, a mix between Caleb Karvountzis and Lisa Mitchell vocals. And it’s simply alluring. Similar to Tiny Little Houses, ‘Adore’ is a classic-coming-of-age romance, relying on some harmonic backing vocals, slow drums and stripped-down guitar riffs.

What I particularly love is the jump from lovey-dovey to aggression in less than a beat during the breakdown, “I kick the gutter in tight shorts basketball courts watch me watch him talk to girls / I’m known as a right-hand slugger / Anybody else wanna touch my lover?” Umm not anymore, Amy, you can have him.

With Aussie hip hop royalty M-Phazes and Cam Bluff assisting with producing, Amy Shark is in good company. She hasn’t been active on the live scene but I imagine the hype from this track alone, plus an upcoming EP, will push her out there soon. And I can imagine she’ll be a live act not to be missed.


Based in: Gold Coast, Australia.
Upcoming EP: The Little Sleeper, out September 2016.
Sounds like: Somewhere between Tiny Little Houses and Lisa Mitchell
Say what? Amy Shark is also a film maker, specialising in documentaries and music videos. She directs and produces all her own videos.

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