RE-REVIEW // Owl Eyes – Pumped Up Kicks

Owl Eyes

You remember it, I remember it, Like A Version lovers everywhere remember it.

Five years old, yet still one of the first to spring to mind when the old, “What’s your favourite Like A Version?” question pops up. A good answer? Owl Eyes doing a simple yet effective cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ – the Foster The People sleeper hit of 2011.

It doesn’t stray unnecessarily from the original, and suits Owl Eyes’ style to a T. Because there are no vocal effects covering up the sinister message behind the superficially happy original tune, this version carries across some of that ominousness. Just excellent use a glockenspiel, electric drums, keyboards and bass accompany her sweet pop vocals, and of course, the defining whistling of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’.

Brooke Addamo was just 20 years old back then, and in the heyday of her solo career. She had put out two EPs by this stage, with a handful of popular singles. Wind back another three years to 2008 – she was just 17 and on Australian Idol. Even though she only made the final 12, she didn’t let the reality TV show define her. Props have to be given, Owl Eyes used Australian Idol for exactly what it should be used for – a launchpad.

Now she’s a true performer, completing the Flight Facilities live show. With her sensational outfits and to-be-envied stage presence, Flight Facilities are surely indebted to her for some of their successes.

And this quaint Like A Version is now for one the ages, showing just the start of Owl Eyes’ future.


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Sounds like: Lisa Mitchell, Megan Washington, Sarah Blasko
Say what? This cover came in at number 28 of the Hottest 100 of 2011 – the original came in at only 32 the year before.

Exclusively hand-picked just for you, by Jane.

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