SOUNDTRACK // Luke Million – Stranger Things Theme

Luke Million

Luke Million loves a bit of pop culture with his synth. Who can forget the cracker ‘Arnold’, sampling Arnold Schwarzenegger soundbytes, ready to accompany a disco aerobic class. A catchy af parody staple of 2011.

With TV streaming companies completely taking over our lives in the past year and a half, so have many cult shows, including this year’s breakout ‘Stranger Things’. Luke Godson of Luke Million has been following on with the rest of us it seems, but has taken it a step further by using his production skills to recreate the theme song…because he can.

The entire series is an old-school throwback, with nods to past sci-fi/horror movies all the way through it. The original theme song written by Austin band S U R V I V E already has a pretty high creep factor, but Luke Million upped the alien synths, ” I plugged in my mini Moogs, Oberheim and a whole bunch of Roland old school gear that I have, had a couple of beers and just filmed myself jamming it out.” God that must be awesome to be able to just do?

With this live stream blowing the internet up, he then went back and recorded it properly. “I’ve added a whole bunch more synths and I’ve changed the drums, I’m using the classic 80s lindrum machine and totally taken it in an even darker direction”.

The best thing is that Luke Million doesn’t even bother walking the line between cheesey and sinister to soundtrack the horror genre. It’s cheesey and sinister at the same time, and it’s perfect for this show. What’s on for season two?


Based in: Adelaide, Australia.
Sounds like: The dreaded upside down. 
Say what? Netflix ANZ played its bit as a good local music supporter, and gave the track some love on its social media channels.

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