REVIEW // Dorsal Fins – Sedated

Dorsal Fins

Dorsal Fins are in their element on ‘Sedated’, putting the “fun” in “funky”.

This is busy and vibrant music, brought to life through their signature warping, psychedelic synths mashed with a bit of saxophone and lazy guitars. With a total of nine talented and experienced members making up the band, it’s no wonder they are able to create such a beautiful variety of sounds.

Jarrad Brown’s slacker vocals plus the phone-call interlude top this track off for me:

“Yeah, what?”
“You called me.”
“Nah I didn’t.”
“Pretty sure you did.”
“I’m gonna hang up.”

Just a random piece of butt-dial magic.

While originally Dorsal Fins was meant to be a recorded side-project for Liam McGorry with his best friends, a song like ‘Sedated’ (as well as a lot of their previous tracks) feels like it’s designed for the stage. And this is why they are such a coveted live act locally.

Brown’s description of creating ‘Sedated’ is much in-line with how I feel when I listen to it, “When the sun slinks way too low, and the stars forget to shine, and you need a cryogenic sleep chamber to knock you out and wake up somewhere a 1000 years in the future… you write a song like Sedated.. and then you feel better.”


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Upcoming album: Digital Zodiac, out October via Dot Dash / Remote Control.
Sounds like: Saskwatch, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Cat Empire
Say what? Chances are you know about it, but if not, Dorsal Fins’ cover of Kate Cebrano’s ‘Pash’ is a must-see Like A Version.

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