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Broadway Sounds

For anyone seeking a boogie, look no further than Broadway Sounds.

If there’s one thing they know, it’s how to play music that are made to cut shapes to.

With a collection of diverse instruments, a farmyard of noises are created by the trio. Drawing up comparisons to fellow hometowners No Zu who champion their self-coined “heat beat” genre, but not in entirely the same – Broadway Sounds’ specialty is Afro beat. Whistles, bongos, tribal drums included, plus the odd saxophone. But the true hero of their sound is the humble whistle – such an underloved instrument! Can you even call the whistle an instrument, you might ask? By Broadway Sounds’ standards, yes. The surprisingly versatile sound adds a simultaneously percussive and melodic layer that’s initially unexpected but works so well.

Broadway Sounds definitely show their strength when they play within their Afro funk sound. This is their differentiating factor, and makes them something worth watching, rather than when they stray into straight-up electronic.

Back from some international experience over in Europe this year, including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Womad UK, they seemed at home at the John Curtin. Something to be said for them was their committed and lost-in-the-moment dance moves – it felt like we were watching them having a private dance moment in their bedrooms.

And the intimate but energetic crowd played back off this, making it a fun, debaucherous party amongst friends.

Similar to the band’s breakout single, ‘Sing It Again’, their newest track ‘Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting’ is an explosive cacophony of sounds. Just try and keep your ears and your feet up. Broadway Sounds: They’re fun and that’s their main jam.


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Sounds like: No Zu, Jamiroquai. 
Say what? Broadway Sounds’ ADP has approximately 4,000 different snare drum sounds in his library and hasn’t even listened to half of them and probably never will.

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