REVIEW // Röyksopp – Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør


There are catchy songs, and there are songs you know are going to be complete earworms by five seconds in.

One, two, three, four, five…yep. The latter is a rarity, but ‘Never Ever’, Röyksopp‘s latest single featuring Susanne Sundfør, is one of these rare breeds.

Sundfør has the type of blank-slate voice that makes her a great feature artist, and her vocals that anchor this track down. She’s a tried and trued collaborator, being featured on ‘Running to the Sea’ and ‘Save Me’ with Röyksopp as well.

Röyksopp are electronic pop music pioneers, but they haven’t released anything since their aptly-titled sixth album The Inevitable End, which was declared as their final LP – but not the total end of Röyksopp’s presence. ‘Never Ever’ is a glorious return to their embracement of funk and the disco fever. It’s a delicious five-minute jam, that has no shame in its use of heavy, heavy synths and whimsical female vocals. It harks back to the days of Calvin Harris circa Ready for the Weekend.

Torbjørn Brundtland states that, “The whole idea of us going away from the whole album concept was that we do have many musical expressions that we want to do. One of them might be a club track, but we don’t necessarily want to do an album of it. It’s that way with “Never Ever” – we love it, but we don’t need 12 tracks like it.”

I can’t express how much I support this concept. An album shouldn’t be made for an album’s sake. Filler songs are depressing. Röyksopp’s choice to abandon albums has meant they are free to explore new areas, without having to back it up with a catalogue of other songs to prove themselves. Case in point, they recently made a track for Star Wars Headspace, a Rick Rubin brainchild album full of songs using Star Wars sounds.

Anything could be next for Röyksopp. “We need to make something that sounds dirty in the right way. We like clean too, but there’s too much clean-sounding electronic music being released right now.” Dirty sounds welcomed.


Based in: Tromsø, Norway.
Sounds like: Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Robyn
Say what? To accompany the video of ‘Never Ever’, the duo created digital trading cards from the video’s characters.

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