REVIEW // San Cisco – B Side

San Cisco

San Cisco releases a new tune and everything is alright in the world.

No prizes for guessing that this track’s unexpected drop is going to be the B-side to their upcoming single, ‘SloMo’. If the B-side is this good…

“I think that you’re great /  Let’s just be friends and hold hands at 2am / It’s OK when I am just your B-side.” ‘B Side’ is utterly San Cisco, and I’m not complaining. The cheerful whistling and the hint of folk. The lilting sing-songness to it and the too-sweet harmony, covering up an underlying awkward message. It’s got it all.

But let’s focus on the lyrics for a second. This person is just the object of this song’s “B-side”, ie. their second-rate back up. Someone to cosy up to when there’s no one else. But don’t worry, “that’s alright with me” 😢.

Onto more fun things – back to the melody, the cuteness of which is only exceeded by the cuteness of the video clip, featuring lead singer’s Jordi Davieson’s younger sister and her boyfriend on holiday in Japan. It’s quirky and homemade, and perfect for a B-side.

San Cisco broke through with the big head-bopper ‘Awkward’, immediately filling indie pop playlists everywhere. They’ve shown progressive growth, from high school band in 2009 to full-fledged force to be reckoned with years later. With music that has such mass appeal, they’re also a fun live act. They can certainly write a pleasing song to suit the palates of a range of people, but let’s not forget their oft-forgotten tunes like ‘Snow’, ‘Beach’ and ‘Wild Things’. The list goes on, and looking back through their catalogue, San Cisco are actually kinda underrated. They’re definitely no B-side.


Hometown: Fremantle, Australia.
Upcoming album: Out in early 2017.
Sounds like: Architecture in Helsinki, Ball Park Music, The Drums.
Say what? ‘Awkward’ is one of the only San Cisco songs that are actually fictional. Most of their songs are observations from real life.

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