REVIEW // Fortunes. – 501’s


Bounce, bounce, bounce. This is some sensual, bouncey tunage from Fortunes.

Drawing you in immediately, following the huge Americanised “DAYUM”, is a dreamy voice with hints of the Aussie/Kiwi accent. It’s all very endearing and homegrown.

When you’re overseas, you cling onto anyone you happen to know there from your home city, even though you may normally have never hung out. We have this phenomenon to thank for bringing Fortunes. together. Conor McCabe and Barnaby Matthews went to the same high school in New Zealand, but only became friends when both had separately moved to Melbourne. A strong positive signal for this duo’s future is the fact that Fortunes. is the first signing to the Future Classic label in over a year.

Fortunes. combine R&B with electronic flavour in a deliciously syrupy way. McCabe’s soulful voice complements the warping synths and electronic trills sprinkled throughout ‘501’s’. The nonchalant way he sings sounds like he’s thinking out loud, freestyling lyrics as he goes.

The premise of ‘501’s’ is pretty simple: “It’s about when the weather is hot and you see a hot guy and he looks real good in his jeans.” Don’t we all know that feeling – could Fortunes. have written a more relatable song? For the lesser-aware perhaps (ie. me), 501s are the name of those iconic Levi jeans – the first ever pair of blue jeans, in fact. Just as the song says, they’re “tight” – not in a “skinny” way. This track doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest EP: Jacket, out early 2016.
Sounds like: Kllo, JMSN, ALTA.
Say what? Fortunes. believe they sound like “what Justin Timberlake would sound like if he was gay with A$AP Rocky and instead of having major label backing, he just smoked weed all day in North Melbourne.”

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