REVIEW // RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex – Waiting

RL Grime What So Not Skrillex

‘Waiting’ is so made for an outdoor electronic festival set, that I’m surprised it doesn’t come pre-packaged with a lightshow and confetti bombs.

But I can’t let this one pass without acknowledging it. It might not tell any new stories, because trap is trap is trap is trap. But it’s some pretty undeniably fiyah trap – emoji level 🔥🔥🔥.

This is of course, because three absolute heavyweights have come together to produce ‘Waiting’, namely RL GrimeWhat So Not and Skrillex. All household EDM names in their own right.

The three masters jam-pack the four minutes of absolute atmosphere with a little bit of everything, throwing paint at the walls style. There’s eerie laughter, motorbike revving, laser beam synths, creepy vocal chanting and obviously, drops galore. It’s totally formulaic: the rev up, accelerating drum beats, a pre-drop shout, and drop. And after the mid-song interlude, a slow, excruciatingly build up. It certainly requires a bit of “waiting”. Sure, it may be textbook, but in a gold star way.

Why is this track actually titled ‘Waiting’? The song has actually been in existence for a couple of years, and when they’ve played it live in their sets, fans would comment online that they’re still “waiting” for this previously unknown track to be released.

If you like this, look back to the previous collaboration between RL Grime and What So Not on ‘Tell Me‘, for some more genuine fiyah.


Based in: RL Grime – LA, US; What So Not – Sydney, Australia; Skrillex – LA, US.
Sounds like: Like dupstep and trap fell in love and had babies.
Say what? In the lead up to the release, if you called 1-855-464-7348 you could hear this song in all its mobile phone level quality glory.

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