REVIEW // Golden Features – Wolfie / Funeral

golden features

Notoriously hidden away, Tom Stell aka Golden Features has resurfaced the golden mask with a fresh double A-side.

With ODESZA backing him as part of their Foreign Family Collective (a curation of musicians and visual artists including RÜFÜS and Jai Wolf by the Seattle duo), Golden Features is in good company, and adding to the high-quality electronic music continuously coming out of Australia.

The tracks ‘Wolfie’ and ‘Funeral’ are perfect partners in showcasing Golden Features’ versatility. Not usually one who crosses over into the dance world, it may surprise that Julia Stone is the feature artist on ‘Wolfie’. But you can see why Golden Features has chosen her unique vocals for this particular track – this was initially meant to be a lullaby for his nephew. Nostalgic conversation between a child and adult open and close the track, and Julia Stone’s singing could soothe even the most difficult of children. Even though it seems opposing at first, with EDM being a vehicle to rave all night to while lullabies are made to fall asleep to, ‘Wolfie’ is as close as electronica can get to a nursery rhyme. It’s Golden Features’ first forays into more sweet and sparkly EDM, Porter Robinson style, and it certainly suits him well.

On the flip side, ‘Funeral’ unleashes a darker side, with thumping and echoing bass creating a much more typical Golden Features sound. Eerie piano and deepened vocals add to the mystique, making it go from Porter Robinson to Hudson Mohawke in one leap.

In short though, this double A-side is the perfect full-service package: take ‘Funeral’ to get your night started, and follow up with a dose of ‘Wolfie’ to wind it down.


Based in: Sydney, Australia.
Sounds like:
Porter Robinson, ZHUHudson Mohawke.
Say what? Golden Features compares his anonymity to graffiti artwork.

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