REVIEW // Camp Cope – Keep Growing

camp cope

There are many a good things about Camp Cope. Case in point, they’ve been drowning in nominations and awards this year, from the J Awards to the National Live Music Awards to the Music Victoria Awards.

But their standout quality, and what I believe is a key reason for the rise to success following the release of their debut album in April this year, are their truly relatable songs. They consistently hit a nerve point of, “Hey, this is me!”. They’re like a “How normal are you” Buzzfeed article or a Fuckjerry Instagram account personified into a band. The warm tones of Georgia Maq are certainly as instantly gratifying as a clickbait article.

Exhibit A. The story of everyone’s lives exist in these lyrics:
“Still can’t decide whether I wanna waste money or waste my time”.
“I never wanna do anything.”
“Maybe I haven’t learned anything.”


As always, the lyrics in their newest song ‘Keep Growing’ are thinking-out-loud, reflective on lyf. If song writing is therapeutic, Camp Cope’s brand of song writing is a particularly strong drug. The lethargy of the lyrics is mirrored by apathetic drums and lazy guitar riffs. Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and Sarah Thompson’s all-female take on traditional rock sensibilities is certainly a breath of fresh air.

As they continue to release captivatingly somber music, the question is how long we can keep them a hidden local secret before they take the world.


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Upcoming album: A Split 7″ with Cayetana out January 2017, via Poison City Records. 
Sounds like:
Ceres, Gretta Ray, The Smith Street Band
Say what? Camp Cope led an awesome video campaign around sexual assault at gigs (and anywhere, for that matter) called It Takes One.

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