FEATURE // Top ten live acts – 2016

top ten live acts of 2016

A year in review of live music. This is definitely one of the most fun top ten lists to create – indulging in all your best live music moments over the past year gets those good memory juices flowing. It’s also a great chance to reflect on how privileged and lucky we are to have a thriving live music circuit to enjoy all year round.

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Here are our top ten live acts of 2016.

Jack Garratt170 Russell
Huggett: This isn’t just the best act I saw this year. Jack Garratt’s show at 170 Russell was the single greatest performance I’ve seen to date. Crazy energy, incredible talent, and humorous banter, and apparently he was jetlagged.

Leon BridgesSplendour in the Grass
Jane: Leon Bridges wooed us all with his slick dancing, vintage clothing and warm songs that hark back to another era.

RUFUSFestival Hall
Huggett: I’m not much of a dancer but I don’t think I stopped moving this whole show. It was one of those shows that felt like being taken on a journey through another world (and, sadly, having to face reality again at the end).

NO ZUMax Watt’s
Jane: NO ZU brings a chaotic energy on stage that’s hedonistic and heavy. They did not disappoint at their album launch, and had the entirety of Max Watt’s heaving with dancing sweaty bodies.

The Jungle Giants170 Russell
Huggett: I’d managed to forget just how insane The Jungles Giants are in the two years between seeing them. Frontman Sam Hales had no issue owning the crowd and his dancing and stage diving set the tone.

DMA’s Corner Hotel
Jane: DMA’s make music that has the ability to bring me to tears for no reason at all. And seeing them live makes it that much more emotional. They’re just as much at home on a festival stage but they really shine in a sticky-smelling band room. Take that as a compliment.

Tash Sultana – The Homestead
Huggett: Very similar in performance style to Jack Garratt, Tash Sultana uses loop pedals expertly to build layer-upon-layer to an incredible set. Unlimited energy and playing a melodica on stage make for a must-see performance.

FlumeSplendour in the Grass
Jane: Forget The Cure, The Strokes and The Avalanches. Flume raised the roof (well, sky) with his extensive catalogue and a slew of guest appearances. Such a suitable closing to another blissful Splendour in the Grass.

SAFIA – Melbourne Meat Market
Huggett: Tough to choose between this gig and their Hobart show for the number five spot. The secret venue shows were something special though with the Melbourne Meat Market offering a festival-like atmosphere. Unique visuals, great music, and first listens to new tunes.

The Internet170 Russell
Jane: Wow, we really seem to love this place. In reality, 170 Russell will forever remind me of trashy university parties. But its medium-to-large size means a lot of international acts tend towards it. Also, I think The Internet could play at a Maccas playground and make it cool.

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