GIGS // Flume – World Tour // Sidney Myer Music Bowl

What happened, Flume?

It’s a good thing Flume is one amazing producer because his world tour stop at Sidney Myer Music Bowl was, in one word, a bit cheesey.


Coming back from the starkly different Meredith Music Festival just a few days ago made the whole intense light show and audience demographic a lot more pronounced than it may have normally been. But from the crowd, to the visuals, to Flume’s dance moves, the cringe-factor was unfortunately high.

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Here are 5 types of people you can expect to see at a Flume concert.

1. Fans who are fucking excited about their bae Flume
There was no shortage of screaming fangirls and boys. The excitement level was palpable. Just check the hashtag #Flume on Instagram for the multitude of selfies and captions featuring pink love heart emojis.

2. Students from the School of Denim
The uniform for attending an outdoor Flume concert is officially denim on denim. Skirts, jackets, pants, paired, of course, with Stan Smiths. I’ve never felt so out of place wearing the same thing as everyone else. Being confronted with your own basicness is a scary moment.

3. Those groups of bros each holding four beer cans stacked on top of one another
Watching them fist pump to ‘Say It’ was uncomfortable and strange.

4. People who wear merch to the show
Call me contemptuous, but it makes me shudder. Also, while the light show was stunning and some of the visuals were grabbing, the abstract fractal graphics of Skin gets my trypophobia spinning into overdrive (don’t Google “trypophobia” if you don’t want to be scarred for the rest of your life). So seeing all the Flume merch (we get it, you like Flume) compounded by the skin-crawling graphics was a bit too much.

But seems like I’m in the minority. Jonathan Zawada, the artist behind Skin, won the ARIA for Best Cover Art this year. And in saying all this, the visuals do fit with the experimental side of this album. Watch this video to get more of an insight into the concepts behind it.

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5. Picnic concert enthusiasts
Flume is everyone’s gateway DJ now. Granted this was Sidney Myer, but we weren’t seeing the MSO so I don’t know if this was really the concert to bring picnic sets to. They simply became perfect booby traps for the streams of people trying to delve deeper into the crowd.

This is not to say the entire show was a letdown. Kučka and Vince Staples brought some much-needed charm on stage during ‘Smoke and Retribution’. Like an old loved item in your wardrobe that you rediscover, I was pleasantly reminded of Flume’s 2014 remix of Lorde‘s ‘Tennis Court‘, matching his all-white ensemble. On the other side, his catapult remix of ‘Hyperparadise’ was a less pleasing rediscovery. You can still be very sick of a song years later if it’s overplayed enough. 


Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Latest EP: Skin Companion EP, out November 2016 via Future Classic.
Sounds like: Odesza, RL Grime, Cashmere Cat.
Say what? The title of Skin came about because Flume is also slightly weirded out by it.

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