REVIEW // Noah Slee – DGAF ft. Shiloh Dynasty 

Noah Slee jams a bit of everything lovely into just over three minutes.

Watch your hips swing.

Noah Slee

This is an exemplary story of social media acting as a powerful medium of communication. As far as I can see, Shiloh Dynasty is as millennial as they get, only seeming to exist on Vine, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. He very sporadically uploads short videos of just the bottom half of his face and his guitar, playing an original piece of music. It would be infuriatingly aloof if it wasn’t justified by his drop-dead gorgeous vocals.

Noah Slee and his collaborator Ben Esser are clearly in the same mindset, using, of all things, Shiloh Dynasty’s Instagram account to sample his vocals for ‘DGAF’. They came into some difficulty with officially releasing it, as they had to actually get in contact with the enigma that is Shiloh for his approval, but, “We found out Shiloh was a Hiatus Kaiyote fan [who is also signed to Noah Slee’s label Wondercore Island], who happened to be in the same city as they were and their management managed to meet up via a Twitter exchange and get Shiloh to sign off on the song.” Kids these days, huh!

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It was worth the trouble. Noah Slee is a jack of all trades, as richly demonstrated on ‘DGAF’. The multi-instrumentalist harmonises Shiloh’s pitched-up vocal, on top of a fusion of a very easy-on-the-ears guitar melody and a rolling future-beat-inspired drum pattern.

Like his multicultural career spanning New Zealand, Australia and Germany, his upcoming mixtape will feature artists from around the world, including Georgia Anne Muldrow, Simon Mavin and Paul Bender and Jordan Rakei.


Based in: Berlin, Germany via New Zealand.
Upcoming mixtape: Otherland, out early 2017 via Wondercore Island.
Sounds like: Fortunes., Hiatus Kaiyote, Jesse Boykins III.
Say what? ‘DGAF’ was written when Noah Slee was going through some anger towards someone and the first verse was originally all freestyle.

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