REVIEW // Tei Shi – Keep Running

Tei Shi is part of a new wave of females creating the most alluring R&B-inspired pop.

All the while dressed fantastically.

Tei Shi

You may know Tei Shi from her beautiful ear worm ‘Bassically’. And here she is proving she’s no one-hit wonder.

Valerie Teicher has roamed the globe, born in Bueno Aires, growing up in Colombia, Canada and then the US. Going against the current grain, she was actually professionally trained in music at the Berklee College of Music.

There is a sense of vulnerability to ‘Keep Running’. Languidly, Tei Shi asks the ‘Keep Running’s’  subject, “Baby, keep running, keep running for me”. The lazy drumming keeps the pace super slow, letting Tei Shi’s brilliantly layered vocals to be the real star of the show, in the same vein as ‘Bassically’.

This vulnerability is also reflected in the name of her debut album Crawl Space, named after an impressive confrontation of a fear. Tei Shi forced herself to overcome her fear of the night and insomnia by hiding in her family home’s crawlspace every night for a minute. I, for one, have seen too many horror movies for that kind of behaviour. This self-determination clearly seeps into her career: “People have this idea that you can only check some of the proverbial boxes as a creative woman, that you can’t be attractive and sexual and a great singer and a solid performer and a great writer and be in control of your creative space, as if some of those are mutually exclusive for a human woman.”


Based in: New York, United States.
Upcoming album: Crawl Space, out March 2017 via Downtown/Interscope Records.
Sounds like: Banks, Solange, FKA twigs.
Say what? Tei Shi describes her music as “mermaid music” because “A mermaid can sound like whatever she wants to sound like.”

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