RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW // Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play

Remembering Autre Ne Veut.

If you know him, you love him. If you don’t, get acquainted.
Autre Ne Veut

One of the main things I remember about Autre Ne Veut is a quirky little fact – his number ten ranking on Priceonomics’ Hipster Music Index of 2013-2014. This very scientific index measured the score an album was given by Pitchfork versus the number of Facebook shares the review got. Look, not sure about the accuracy, but the concept is solid.

But in all seriousness, while it certainly did achieve critical acclaim, it floors me that Arthur Ashin’s album Anxiety was not met with more popularity amongst the people. This is despite my best efforts at playing him every chance I got on community radio, where I first discovered him.

In particular, standout track of the album, ‘Play by Play’. It’s the pacing that shines. This song isn’t afraid to take its time to build up, adding elements slowly every 30 seconds or so. It all peaks very late, at about three minutes in, but it exploits that peak for all its worth. Autre Ne Veut creates a gorgeous cacophony of sounds and textures, with the offbeat harp and gospel-like backing vocals transforming it into some kind of religious awakening. In reality, the song is mostly Autre Ne Veut just begging his lover to “never leave me alone”, but done in such a beautiful falsetto full of desperation.


Based in: New York, US.
Sounds like: Active Child, Perfume Genius, FKA twigs.
Say what? Autre Ne Veut has suggested his music fits under the genre “failure pop”.

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